Exclusive mix for Drum & Bass Arena

I recently did a little article for DNBA regarding Exkursions 001 (Read that article here) and off the back of that I was asked to record a studio mix….which I obviously did!

To listen and download the mix click here

Mix tracklisting…

Soul Intent – Deeper (n/a)
Soul Intent – Consciousness (Prestige Music dub)
Soul Intent & LaMeduza – What I Wouldn’t Do [Amen Mix] (Lossless Music)
Soul Intent – The Dread (Tempo dub)
Soul Intent Feat e – Snow (n/a)
Soul Intent – Don’t Leave (Lossless Music)
Soul Intent & Nicolette – What Is Love (n/a)
Soul Intent – Test Fire (Tempo dub)
Soul Intent – Love Me (n/a)
Mikal & Break – Musical Rush (Metalheadz)
Soul Intent – Old To The New (Tempo dub)
Soul Intent – Rushin’ 91 (n/a)
Break – Late Exclusive (Symmetry)
Mikal – Ruff Life (Metalheadz)
SB81 – 90s (Metalheadz Platinum dub)
Paragon – Again & Again (Lossless Music dub)
Zero T – Everything Must Change (Dispatch Recordings)
Marcus Intalex – How You Make Me Feel [Photek Remix] (31 Recs)
Soul Intent – Move (Tempo dub)
Soul Intent – Almost (n/a)

Many thanks for the guys at DNBA for the support